Build or Renovate?

The decision to build or to renovate can be a tough one. There are many things to take into consideration before you make up your mind. This list will help you to get a good idea of what is best for your particular scenario.


Believe it or not, it often costs more to renovate than it does to build. This is especially true if the building is not up to code. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the laws and what you would have to do with a renovation to make it safe and spectacular at the same time. You may find that it is more affordable to tear down the structure and to build a new one in it's place.


If you aren't happy with the current location, then building is definitely the way to go. It doesn't make much sense to invest in renovations if you really aren't content with where you happen to be. Instead, you can look for a new location to build. At the same time you will be able to put the current location up for sale.


What can you do with the layout that you currently have? Renovating may allow you to change it but at what cost? If you want elaborate changes to the layout then you will likely find it is very expensive as part of the renovation process. This is especially true of an older building.

In many instances you can get the layout exactly as you would like it when you build from the bottom up. It is often less time consuming and less expensive for you to do so as well. Make sure you look at this factor closely because if you choose to renovate you want to be confident you will enjoy the finished results.

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Eco Friendly

Is it possible to renovate and add some eco friendly elements? A very common one is the use of solar panels. They cut down on the amount of electricity that you use up and so your electric bill is less month after month. You may want to consider building in order to reap the many rewards of installing such eco friendly elements.


How much time is the project going to take? That is definitely something to consider when you evaluate either building or renovating. It can go either way depending on what all has to be done. You should get several contractors involved with the process. Have each one of them give you a time frame for the results you want. If you have a limited amount of time for the work to be done, the information they offer you can make a huge impact on your decision.


The final decision to either build or renovate is yours to make. When you take the time to answer these questions though you will find that you are able to make up your mind and not second guess that final decision. You want the end result to be something that looks great, is comfortable, and that you are very proud of.

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