Explore the 3 Types of Sydney Home Builders

Not all Sydney builders are the same and offer varying types of service and building projects. You need to take the time to find out what is a good choice for you. You may find that a smaller company can offer personalized services. Sometimes a bigger company can offer a lower price though due to the discounts they get for building large amounts of supplies at one time.

The 3 types of builders that we are going to discuss are:

  • Custom builder
  • Production builder
  • Hands-on small builder

You will find that there can also be quite a few variables in these 3 main groups but for the most part they will help you to identify what a company is able to offer you.

A custom builder is typically going to the most expensive of the Sydney builders. They are very good at offering personalized services and solutions for any problem that comes along. They have the right training, skilled crew members, and the equipment to get the job done. They often use the latest technology too so they can get work done in less time. Still the work time can be in depth such as when building a new home or business.

A production builder is one that is able to handle the run of the mill stream line processes. They don't do customized work because they don't have the time or the equipment for it. However, they are very good at what they offer because it is the same process that they often take part in over and over again in different locations.

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These types of Sydney builders are good at what they do but if you want something unique or that is hard to build they will be unable to do it for you. They can usually offer you a decent time frame though and a decent price for the types of work they are willing to take on.

If you are looking at a very small project your best bet may be a hands on small builder . They usually don't have a huge company but enough workers to get the project done in a timely fashion. They are more personal too because you will be working with the main people instead of different individuals for different parts of the project. They often are trying to build up their reputation too so they are going to strive to go the extra mile for you when they can.

Each type of Sydney Builders has pros and cons that they can bring to you. For example, a hands-on small builder may not be able to start your project for a while the others would be able to. Take the time to evaluate what you want to have done and who is the best type of builder for the job.

Once you know the type of builder you need, the next course of action is contacting several of them. You want to have them come to discuss the project and to give you a free estimate of what it will cost. Take your time to select who will complete the work for you so that it is affordable, hassle free, and done correctly.

Checklist: Choosing a Sydney Builder

10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Sydney Builder

Hiring a Sydney builder is very important. You want it to be a rewarding experience with the results exactly what you had hoped for. You don't want it to be a nightmare so here are 10 things you should know before you choose one.

What do they Offer?

Some builders are very specific with what they offer and others are more general. You need to take your own needs into consideration. Then you can find those builders that may be right for you. Ask them what they offer that is above their competitors too. You may be surprised at the answers you get.

Can you get a Free Consultation?

A free consultation should be part of the package when you are looking at builders. You should never have to pay for them to come evaluate the needs and to give you a good estimate. Pay attention to communication and how responsive they are to your questions too. If you don't get a good vibe then keep looking. When you get a free consultation you are never obligated to work with that builder so don't feel like you must.

What Credentials do they have?

Take the time to look at the credentials that a builder has. Are they licensed? How long have they been in business? Find out what skills they require of their employees. It is a good idea to ask if they have insurance and if they are bonded. You also should check with the BBB to see if they have any complaints against them.

Will they take Care of all Permits and Inspections that are Required by Law?

You want the building process to be very smooth on your end. It can be beneficial to hire a builder that will take care of specifics that you aren't familiar with. This includes building permits and any types of inspections that are required by law. Find someone that can take care of those things so you don't have to.

What Types of Materials will they use?

You always want to inquire about the types of materials that will be used by a builder. With so many to select from there is a wide variety. You need to feel confident that what they use is durable and long lasting.

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Do they Offer an Itemized List of the Cost?

Any builder you work with should be willing to offer you an itemized list of the costs involved. They should be broken down by the cost of the various materials as well as the cost of the labor. This helps you to compare the different quotes you get and to finalize who you will work with.

When will the work start and when will it be Completed?

It is very important to ask about when the work will start and when it will be completed. Some builders are able to start immediately and others have several jobs lined up. Are you willing to wait a few weeks or months for them? You also want to have a realistic finish date for the project.

What will be the Process if the Building is Off Schedule?

Of course there are things that come along and push the schedule back. Some of them include back ordered supplies and the weather. Find out what the process will be if the builder experiences such delays.

Is there a Warranty on the Work?

You want to work with a builder who guarantees the work that they do for you. What type of warranty do they offer and how long is it valid for? You also want to find out if the warranty covers the labor as well as the materials.

Are they willing to Put it all in Writing?

A great deal can be said from any builder, but what really matters is what they are willing to put into writing. If the builder won't do that you need to look for someone else.


By following these 10 guidelines before you choose a Sydney builder you will increase the chances of the experience being smooth, affordable, and the outcome being very rewarding. There are too many risks to just hire any builder without doing your research first.

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