Newborn Baby Care: Basic Things You Need to Know

You may want to opt for one of your standard brands such as Pampers or Huggies. If so you might want to join Amazon Mom you get an automatic 20% off selected baby products such as Pampers Swaddlers.

If You want to try cloth diapers then you'll be glad to know that they have moved on a lot from your parents' generation so they are a much easier option than they used to be. Some of them are also quite cute too have a look at the Thirsties or BumGenius range at Baby Earth. Oh they'll save you a ton of money too.

2) Place to change the baby

Now you will need somewhere to change the baby as this can be fun and games in the early days. You don't need to go out and buy a dedicated changing table but you will at least need to have a changing mat which you can put on the floor.

3) Baby Skin Care products

As well as diapers, you will also need to stock up on wipes, diaper ointment and cotton balls. Newborn babies have very sensitive skin, so you must take care when cleaning your babys bottom. Some parents prefer to use a washcloth and warm water instead of baby wipes, although a lot of wipes that are available are fragrance free and do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage your infants skin. Dont forget, as a part of newborn baby care, to change your child frequently. Dont only change them when they are dirty as being wet can be very uncomfortable for them and also contribute to diaper rash.

4) Crib, Bassinet or Moses Basket

Your newborn baby will start off sleeping about sixteen hours a day in the beginning. This sleep normally takes place in blocks of about three to four hours as that is about as long as they can go without food. Because your newborn will spend so much time sleeping, his sleep environment is important so you need to make sure you provide the proper setting for him. A Moses basket, bassinet or crib without any excess bedding such as pillows (which shouldn't be given to a baby under 12 months old) is ideal. Make sure you place your baby on his back to sleep as this reduces the risk of SIDS.

5) Baby Feeding Bottles

Babies need feeding every two to four hours in the early days and weeks of life. This applies to babies who are breast fed and bottle fed. While demand feeding (offering food when the baby seems hungry) is a good approach, it can be used in conjunction with a loose feeding routine so that the babys digestive system can start to become regulated. This approach to newborn baby care tends to be easier with bottle-fed babies as it is easier to see exactly how much milk they are taking. Dont forget to wind your baby as burping allows air taken in during sucking to escape before getting into the tummy so it is an important part of the feeding process.

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If you are bottle feeding you will need three or four bottles, cleaning brushes and a steam sterilizer. I'd recommend a set like the Dr Brown Newborn Feeding set (pictured). This contains three 4oz bottles which is more than enough to get you started. You can usually pick the set up on Amazon for about $15. which is good value for money.

If you are not going for a set that contains bottle brushes then make sure you buy some separately. They don't cost much and are very useful.

N.B. As far as I'm concerned you can totally do without a bottle warmer and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

6) Sterilizer

The sterilizer is another thing you don't need to overboard on. You really don't need to spend $70 plus on an electric steamer. A simple microwave one like the one here -again by Dr Brown is perfectly adequate and much more convenient. It should only set you back about $25 too.

7) Muslin Squares

Babies throw up. A lot. Get yourself half a dozen muslin squares. They don't have to be fancy just the basic plain white variety will do but trust me you're gonna need them. They actually served three purposes for me. The first, as I already mentioned,was as a burp cloth. The second was as a swaddle blanket as Muslin is a great fabric for this. And the third purpose was that my youngest boy always used one as a comfort "blankie". This was quite handy as it goes because it meant that it wasn't so special that we would be constantly worrying about losing it as it could be so easily replaced! He's five now and still sleeps with his muslin square every night:)

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