Family road trip games

Family road trips are fun and adventurous but getting from point A to point B can be trying, especially if you have kids in the car. There are tons of road trip games that families have played for many years. Try one of these four game ideas on your next road trip adventure.

I Spy

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Rumored to be created by a German spy during WWII, I Spy is a game many generations have enjoyed. This easy-to-play game begins with one person finding something they spya landmark, a truck, a mountain rangethat will stay in view for a few minutes.

For example, the first player may spy an item that starts with a certain letter or is of a particular color: I spy something red, which could stand for a red roof in the distance. Or, I spy something with the letter C, which could be a group of cows grazing. Whoever guesses correctly is the next person to play.

The Add-an-Item by Letter Game

Also known as categories or the picnic game this game is entertaining and will leave most in the car laughingand you can play it over and over again based on the categories you choose.

Say the category is trees. The first person starts by saving apple tree. The next person continues by saying, apple tree and birch tree. Play continues with the next player who must continue the alphabet and all the items listed before: Apple tree and birch tree and then add a C treecedar tree for example.

Choose categories from food to flowers to cities to countries and see how far you get.

Draw Something App Game

This free-to-download game is available for iOS and Android operating systems and is the perfect quiet game as you drive.Get this app installed on a luxury vehicle fromHoffman Lexus, and enjoy the combination of luxury and technology.

This is great for a family where each has their own smartphone or tablet. Once you download the free app, gameplay beings by creating a game with another player. The app allows you to create many games with different players so all in the car can play.

The object of the game is to draw something, send the image to a connected player and they must guess what your drawing is. If they guess correctly, they draw something and send it back to you. If a player can't guess the drawing they can pass and draw something and send back to the other player. Accumulate points by guessing correctly and you can buy additional palate colors.

Spelling Bee

This is also a fun way to make your road trip more fun, but put a twist on it. If you have younger children, make sure you use words they know how to spell. As you drive down the highway and see a gas station, farm, lake, pond, mountain or forest, challenge the first player to spell the word.

As players miss, they are dropped from play until you have a winner for the in-car spelling bee. If it's an older group, look for challenging items to spell like equestrian farm.

Road trips will be a lot more fun for the entire family if you try one of these four fun games.

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