Completing That Oh So Frustrating Paperwork

Here I am in a little postage stamp flat in the UK, ahhh a place to call home for a while. I start to relax and then it starts the letters roll in. You must pay for this, you need to organise that, contact us now or we will fine you!

I only just got here!

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If you are a wanderer or an Expat you will know this scenario well, again and again. When I moved to Holland many years ago, it took me a whole year to complete my paperwork, I left before the paperwork to stay was completed!

So a few days ago, it started again, the pile of letters and the to do list. At first I looked at it and put it to one side for a day or two. I will admit the thought of returning to Australia just to avoid it, did cross my mind.

Then I remembered that I have written a book about coping with this kind of situation, so what did I recommend? I am sure it was taking one step at a time.

I looked at my pile of letters, wrote a list and decided to tackle two items a day. It worked, I have completed my list and it was painless. Life was even so kind as to remove a must do from the list.

How do you cope with your paperwork when moving around?

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