Avoiding Bathroom Damage Due to Water

The bathroom is a significant plumbing hub in your home. Problems that occur may not be immediately recognizable, because the pipes and joints are mostly enclosed in the walls. Often damage has already taken place by the time the problem is finally discovered.

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Better to identify and correct a problem when it first develops than to be oblivious and only notice a leak after it has had a chance to do major damage. Make a habit of checking the main fixtures regularly so that when something out of the ordinary occurs you will notice it and take action immediately.

Be especially vigilant when you are inspecting the toilet area. Contaminated sewage water from leak can not only do physical damage to the surroundings, but can also prevent a very serious health concern. For this reason you need to be extra observant and be sure everything is sealed up tight.

Observe the tank and pipes for broken or leaking seals. Watch for any signs that indicate water is getting into places it doesn't belong. Pay special attention to the floor, specifically any spots that feel spongy or soft.

Inspect the bathtub and shower. This area takes in a great amount of water so it needs to be in tip top shape. If water is getting out of the contained area then a disaster is just waiting to happen.

Check the caulking around the tub for spots where it has come away and water could get into. Fix these. Next inspect the tiles and replace any that are missing or cracked. Repair any imperfections in the grout between the tiles too.

Lastly look under the sink and counter. Sink pipes are frequently contained within a cabinet which hides any slow leaks. Check the area frequently to avoid being taken by surprise later. Be on the lookout for stains in the wood.

The repair bills from water damage can add up at an alarming rate. Better to take the time to spot trouble and deal with it while it is inexpensive and manageable, then wait to discover a problem after it has evolved to a full blown emergency. You will thank yourself later.

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